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Radiant Pools

Aerospace Engineering
  • Applying the same technology used to build airplanes and spacecraft, this is the only pool constructed of patented structural insulated panels with 2" think walls of EPS foam insulation bonded between layers of aluminum.
  • EPS foam insulation withstands freeze-thaw cycling without losing structural integrity or R-Value.
  • The acrylic-coated aluminum walls resist oxidation and corrosion and provide extra liner protection.
  • All aluminum components make this pool completely rust free.
  • The Radiant Pool wall is stronger than steel, polymer, even 12" of concrete and it will never rust, warp or crack.
Energy Efficient

Save $1000's on heating costs!

ENERGY STAR helps people make smart choices that protect the environment while saving energy and money. Radiant Pools is the only manufacturer in the industry recognized as an Energy Star Partner, committed to promoting energy efficiency and the future of our planet.

Radiant Pools is committed to continually improving the management of our energy resources, which reduces both operating costs and related forms of pollution. We are proud to be part of the family of businesses who have joined with ENERGY STAR.

Radiant Pools insulated walls resist heat loss from the water to the soil more efficiently than any other type of pool wall. Heat gained from the sun is retained, maintaining the water temperature even overnight, when other types of pools lose up to 10 degrees F.

The Radiant insulated wall panels help the water heat up faster and keep the water warmer longer, extending the swimming season by up to 2 months.

With the superior heat retention properties of a Radiant Pool, you can swim during the entire swimming season without the need of a heater. Save $1000's on heating costs!

Environmentally Smart
Radiant Pools is a proud member of the US Green Building Council, a national coalition of leaders from across the residential and commercial building industry working to promote building materials and practices that are environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy.

EPS foam contains no ozone damaging CFC's or HCFC's and is 100% recyclable.

Radiant Pools are constructed using aluminum. Aluminum is the most commonly recycled post-consumer metal in the world. The history, and success, of the aluminum industry is based on its ability to promote energy conservation and waste reduction within the industry itself and among American consumers.

The incredibly lightweight pool panels are easy to handle for more efficient shipping, resulting in improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and reduced shipping costs.

Smart Investment
A Radiant Pool, with its structural insulated wall panel, will keep water temperatures 5 to 10 degrees warmer than traditional pools. This means significant savings on the cost of heating an average pool.

In fact, with the superior heat retention properties of a Radiant Pool, you can enjoy your pool during the entire swimming season without the need for a heater. You can save $1000's on energy cost. With this type of savings, a Radiant Pool will simply pay for itself.

Features Radiant Pools Other Pools
2" Structurally Insulated Walls Yes No
R-10 Insulation Value Yes No
Non-Prorated Warranty Yes No
Unlimited Transferrable Option Yes No
Warranty against winter damage Yes No
True resale value Yes No
Still in use after 50 years Yes No